kirsten baron art


My assemblage work grew (almost literally) out of the collages, when I started using increasingly heavy and bulky 'found objects'.  Although comparison with the great Joseph Cornell is inevitable, he was not actually the inspiration:  the final kick came from a local artist,  Jim Tucker. 

Most of the boxes are purpose built from reclaimed timber but some are themselves 'found objects'.  Although they look similar on screen, there is quite a variety of sizes, so please check the measurements!

I also make smaller assemblages, often in cardboard boxes - these are available via my Etsy shop

WARNING:  some of the boxes contain dead animals or animal parts. 
No animals were killed or harmed for the artwork.

sales information

Prices do not include delivery.   If you would like to purchase an assemblage, please use the contact form, quoting the title(s) of the piece(s) and your location.

The boxes are open i.e. unglazed, and fitted with wire for hanging.  They do not require any framing or glazing.  They can be cleaned with a soft brush when necessary.

Where appropriate, I have used artists' varnish with UV protection.  Some of the contents may change colour with time and exposure: this is part of the process.  Artwork should not be hung in direct sunlight.