kirsten baron art


The images in this gallery are arranged by the printmaking techniques.  I'll be writing some blog pieces about the various techniques I use, but in the meantime feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 

I use printmaking to explore variations on a theme, and do not make editions, limited or otherwise.  Most of the prints are very much one-off pieces, even when made from the same plate.

intaglio: etchings 

intaglio prints with collage

Some of my printing plates are designed as 'backdrops' or 'stage sets' for collage elements. 

intaglio: drypoint


relief & monoprints

sales information

If you would like to purchase artwork, please use the contact form, quoting the title(s) of the piece(s) and your location.

Prices do not include delivery or framing.    

Artwork should never be hung in direct sunlight.