kirsten baron art


Collage is one of my favourite ways of working.  I use a combination of 'found' images, prepared papers and painted backgrounds.  The found images are always originals from old magazines and books, because there is a special quality to the old paper sources : I do not use photocopies, digital files or computer prints. 

collage on canvasboard or hardboard: 'waxwork' collage
The proper term for this technique is 'encaustic' but I don't like that word;  the medium used in these collages is beeswax with added dammar resin, i.e. hardened wax.  
collage on card:

the shape of things to come:

I made this set of small collages during the first Covid19 lockdown. They are named after H.G.Wells' futuristic novels, and inspired by 1950s sci-fi illustrations, the climate crisis and news reports about plans to colonize other planets.  

Collage on mixed media on card, 17x23cm

life on mars:

this series follows on from 'the shape of things',  but in a slightly larger format. It is also inspired by our failure in dealing with the climate crisis, and my expectations that humans will colonise other planets only to repeat the same mistakes made on Earth.  

Collage on mixed media on canvas board, 40x40cm

The title is borrowed from the song by David Bowie.

cave dwellers

These are fantasy monsters that I created to fit into photos from an old tourist brochure.  They're not quite like any of my other work, but I'm rather fond of them.  

Colour pencil on paper on photographs

time travel

There are currently two 'time travel' series - 'the early days' and 'encounters'. 

Both are based on an unwritten story about female time travellers, set in the late 19th century. They are sent into the future with specific instructions by the elderly, male inventor who is physically unfit for the trials of time travel; the women rarely follow his instructions and often choose not to return.

Collage on card, 25x30cm

collage on canvas:

elements of love and death:

I made this series for an exhibition with the theme of 'elements'. They contain found items such as rusty nails, small bones and dried rose petals, and original printed matter - no photocopies or digital prints - collaged onto 20x20 cm canvas. 
Although they are for sale individually, they are best displayed as one set.

sales information

If you would like to purchase artwork, please use the contact form, quoting the title(s) of the piece(s) and your location.

Prices do not include delivery or framing.   All works on canvas have been fitted with picture wire and are ready to hang unframed.  

All collages have been coated with artists' varnish with UV protection. There may be some colour changes or fading over time.  Artwork should never be hung in direct sunlight.